Final Report

Panama City Neighborhood Plans

A Strategic Vision for Glenwood, Millville, and St. Andrews

As part of the city-wide Long Term Recovery Planning Project, the Strategic Vision for Downtown and its Waterfront was created to direct future growth while also preserving the city’s history, connection to the waterfront, and strong sense of community, providing a foundation for Panama City to become the premier city in the Panhandle.

Building upon the 10 Cornerstone Ideas for Downtown Panama City, in 2020 the City expanded the visioning process to plan for the future of the Glenwood, Millville, and St. Andrews areas. Virtual and in-person meetings throughout the year provided opportunities for hundreds of community participants to help create a shared vision.

The Strategic Vision for each neighborhood includes ideas and illustrations that describe the community vision for future development and preservation, sustain-able building, connectivity, gathering spaces, and resilient infrastructure, as well as programs and policies to support residents, small business owners and entrepreneurs. The Strategic Vision for Millville and St Andrews was approved by City Commission in March 2021; and the Strategic Vision for Glenwood was approved in April 2021.
Cover & Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Executive Summary
Chapter 2: Planning Process
Chapter 3: Neighborhood Vision
Chapter 4: Glenwood
Chapter 5: Millville
Chapter 6: St. Andrews
Chapter 7: Implementation
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Video Resources

Neighborhood Plan meetings were conducted in person and online throughout the year. Recordings of Zoom meetings are available to view below.

Panama City Neighborhood Plans Introduction

Glenwood Input Session


Millville Input Session


St. Andrews Input Session


Panama City – Charrette Work-In-Progress Presentation

Community Review


Glenwood Review