Recovery Planning

In 2019, the City of Panama City began its first phase of recovery planning. The City and its teaming partners, Dover, Kohl, & Partners, Hagerty Consulting, HR&A Advisors, and kglobal executed a comprehensive long-term recovery planning effort intended to bolster the City’s lines of effort and promote the social, economic, and environmental rebuilding of the City.

The planning process included site visits to Panama City, meetings with the community, and the integration of community feedback into the development and revisions of the plans. The team developed four overarching recovery goals that directed strategies and action items included in each of the final plans. 

Engaging the Panama City Community

Citizens of Panama City were encouraged to participate and share their voices throughout the planning process. The pinnacle of public engagement was Charrette Week, a series of public meetings such as town halls, focus groups, hands-on design studios, and one-on-one conversations with members of the community. These discussions were vital in ensuring the Panama City community has ownership over the identification and implementation of the recovery projects in their City. The key takeaways from these engagements directed the focus of the recovery activities and ensured the plans reflect community values.

Recovery Planning Updates

The City initiated a new phase of planning in 2020, to continue promoting long-term recovery and revitalization in collaboration with its four teaming partners. These efforts yielded new neighborhood plans for St. Andrews, Millville, and Glenwood; support for housing recovery; a status report on long-term recovery efforts; and continued visibility over the City’s efforts to achieve its vision of success.