June 19th  |  Architects/Contractors Focus Group

Key Takeaways

  • The group of architects and contractors discussed the importance of rewriting codes to be able to implement new and innovative development concepts, including revising guidance and restrictions around stormwater, parking, mixed use development, and density to make the City of Panama City more accommodating to new development.
  • Making affordable housing effective, and non-stigmatized, was a priority issue for the group. The group discussed how ensuring effective affordable housing will require
    making critical planning decisions and should include participation from future residents.
  • There is a need to support workforce housing in the City of Panama City. This will work to provide contractors and other workers a place to live, as well as providing an incentive
    for workers involved in the service industry to return to the City.
  • Attendees highlighted the need to revitalize the downtown in order to attract and incentivize people to stay in the City of Panama City. This included increasing walkability, updating standards and codes to allow for a modernized downtown, all while keeping the historic and unique character of the downtown.