June 19th  |  Housing Focus Group

Key Takeaways

  • With the number of destroyed or heavily damaged affordable / workforce housing damaged in the city, an opportunity exists pilot a project providing sustainable and
    affordable housing solutions. Building homes with sustainable, cost-saving measures (e.g., solar power, recycling, and water reclamation systems) can offer overall cost savings to residents, resilience to housing stock, and can have a positive impact on the quality of life in Panama City.

  • Rent prices have jumped significantly after the storm, becoming unaffordable for many people who live and work in Panama City. Many residents request that the City take a
    more direct approach to evaluating and managing rent pricing to restore affordability for all.

  • The City’s title transfer system has established barriers that complicate the transfer of title and proof of ownership. These challenges are particularly burdensome for City
    residents after major disasters when clear title is required for many assistance programs (e.g., FEMA IA, SBA) that facilitates recovery. The City recognizes and will be advocating for the change of State laws that are tied to historic title transfer issues.

  • Innovative housing solutions may improve barriers to entry within Panama City. Homeownership programs that focus on incentivizing and subsidizing the costs of purchasing a home is one proposed solution that creates opportunity for home ownership. Establishing financial literacy within community members is also a key element to housing stability.