June 17th  |  Hands-On Design Session

Key Takeaways

  • Groups of citizen planners discussed the current assets of the downtown of the City of Panama City, including the waterfront, McKenzie Park, and the beautiful buildings downtown that should be repaired.
  • The groups also discussed ideas to enhance the assets of the current downtown, including increasing walkability, preserving open space, attracting artists, and increasing the restaurants and bars.
  • Groups developed ideas to transform and envision a new downtown, including developing of a walk/bikeway around the marina/waterfront, utilizing height restrictions and zoning codes to protect waterfront access and view, making the downtown walkable, preserving open space and parks with a pool in the downtown, and
    developing areas for entertainment for all ages.
  • Attendees discussed what would attract people to the downtown area, including creating a vibrant downtown, attracting local artists, and increasing restaurants and bars.