June 21st  |  Military/Families/Contractors Focus Group

Key Takeaways

  • Families are eager to see Panama City become one of the premier military destinations for military families. To realize this vision, military families and personnel see the need for restored and improved housing stock, higher performing schools, revitalized and vibrant downtown, more opportunities for recreation (e.g., golf course on Tyndall reopened and made public), and improved safety of downtown areas (e.g., street lighting).
  • A centralized website could be leveraged to market events not only to military families but also people outside the area, attracting new visitors and commerce. The Panama City Tourism Development Agency could be a partner in developing this resource.
  • Military spouses have challenges with finding employment opportunities before and after the storm; increasing opportunities for spousal employment would help increase the attractiveness of the City to military families.
  • There is an immediate need to demolish old and abandoned properties and build new homes. With assistance from County, State, and private partners, the City could more effectively resolve generational title issues and expedite demolition.