June 19th  |  Ward 2 Recovery Planning Meeting

Key Takeaways

  • Ward 2 has a vibrant history that many residents want to see preserved through the restoration of historic buildings to commemorate the unique history of this area. Continued support of local and small businesses is desired in the Ward (and throughout the City) through various means that are affordable to various types of businesses (e.g. co-working facilities). Small businesses and also market to attract new industry and
    larger businesses. A diverse economy will improve the overall health of this Ward as well as others.

  • Support services, such as childcare options, need to return to the City for residents to effectively return to work.

  • Affordable housing needs to be rebuilt across Ward 2, as well as the rest of the City, and many residents are interested in seeing this housing rebuilt with sustainability in mind
    (recycling, water reclamation and solar). This concept may work well first as a pilot program that can then be expanded in the future.

  • Many residents have concerns about the safety and security of Ward 2. Improving neighborhood visibility through the installation of street lights and improved site lines will
    help to improve safety and sense of security. It will also allow for local businesses and organizations to stay open later, after dark.