June 18th  | Ward 3 Meeting

Key Takeaways

  • A key priority for the group was affordable housing, as the root of many problems stems from this issue (e.g. safety and security, jobs, schools). The group brainstormed
    solutions to bring in affordable housing into the community including tiny homes, workforce housing, and integrated subsidized housing.

  • Another key priority was not to forget the projects that were planned or in progress ahead of the storm as these projects were exacerbated by the effects of the storm. Infrastructure repair was a key component of this priority.

  • Ward 3 wanted better safety and connectivity in their public transportation. Bus stops are currently not well lit. Busses don’t run when needed, and it takes a long time to get around. The group discussed solving this through transit-oriented development in the City.

  • The effects of the storm on medical and mental health were discussed. The group discussed the need to restore and build more medical facilities. The group also discussed the detrimental effects of the storm on the community, and warranted greater emotional and mental health care, and how this was particularly hard on children.

  • Participants want transparency to be throughout the process of recovery and civic works.

  • One participant stated, and the rest of the group agreed: “We don’t live here, we love here, or we would have left.” There is work to be done, but they are all there to support the recovery process.