June 21st  |  CPC Charrette Closing Presentation

Key Takeaways

  • It is important to residents that the City is clean and has an improved aesthetic. There is an increasing need for mental health services throughout the community, particularly in schools. Key themes to improving safety and security in the City include cleaning the City and providing more opportunities for the community to have safe living conditions.

  • The City should improve infrastructure design and establish continuity throughout the community, so residents feel more connected. Park restoration is an important part of this process. The City’s long-term goal is to sustain and strengthen infrastructure.

  • The City should create an environment wherein business can thrive, which should include highlighting businesses returning to operation after Hurricane Michael. Long-term housing security for workers and people currently commuting to the City is vital to the City’s economic recovery, as is establishing a strong arts culture within the community

  • To ensure an improved quality of life, it is important to connect the neighborhoods throughout the City. In general, the community and City-wide events should be more family friendly. The City also aims to preserve its natural resources and the waterfront.